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Episode Summary

Season:1 Episode:1 "What!? I'm the Tenth Generation Mafia Boss!?"

Junior high student Tsunayoshi Sawada, (Tsuna for short) is a failure at school work, sports and pretty much everything else you could think of.
Until that is Tsuna's mother hires him a home tutor and a strange baby named Reborn shows up to change his life forever!

Full Recap:
It begins in Sicily, Italy. We are brought to the streets where you see Reborn walking to a building. Reborn opens the door and is greeted by a man sitting in a stool at the bar. The man asks where Reborn is going to go for his next mission. Reborn tells him Japan. The man is shocked at the news. Reborn explains that it will be a long journey. Then all of a sudden another man with a knife tries to kill Reborn when Reborn has his guard down. Reborn then pulls out his gun and says that it is not a toy. The man drops the knife and puts his head down. Reborn morphs his gun back into Leno. Leno is his pet chameleon that can change into anything. Reborn transforms Leno back into a gun and proclaims that he is the Hitman Tutor, Reborn!

In Japan, early morning, you see Reborn exciting off of a bus and heads towards the Tsuna residence, where he slips a piece of paper in the mailbox. Yamamoto runs by to go to his morning practice. Tsuna's mom walks out and stretches. Tsuna's mom then goes to get the mail and sees the piece of paper Reborn put in the mailbox earlier. Tsuna's mom reads, "You will be starting a home tutor".

Later that morning, Tsuna's mom calls for Tsuna to wake up for school. He doesn't wake up, so Tsuna's mom has to go up and wake him up. Tsuna is sleeping in a messy room and Tsuna's mom mentions how messy the room is. She goes over and shakes Tsuna but he doesn't wake up. Tsuna's mom notices a piece of paper sticking out of the desk door and looks at it. The piece of paper was Tsuna's math test, which he got a bad grade on. Tsuna's mom states that it is not unusual and wakes Tsuna up. Tsuna then asks why his mom has the test, and falls out of bed trying to get it. Tsuna's mom tells Tsuna a home tutor will now be coming. Tsuna's mom said that there was a flyer in the mailbox and she called immediately. Tsuna doesn't like the idea. Tsuna notices the time and goes to get ready for school. Tsuna falls down the steps and sees Reborn standing on the floor of the first floor.

Reborn greets Tsuna and tells Tsuna that he is Tsuna's Home tutor. Tsuna is confused but gets mad after Reborn kept on calling him Tsuna. Reborn then kicked him in the face. Tsuna's mom comes down and asks Reborn whom he is. Reborn then takes out a card and says the he is the Hitman Tutor, Reborn. Tsuna laughs at Reborn and then gets kicked again by Reborn. Tsuna's mom asks if Tsuna is okay and reminds Tsuna that if he doesn't hurry he will be late for school. Tsuna runs out of the house ready for school.

As Tsuna is running to school Reborn follows and starts talking to Tsuna. Tsuna accidentally steps on a dogs tail. Tsuna is scared that the dog will start chasing after him, but Reborn goes and starts petting the dog, which calms it. Hiding around the wall is Haru. Haru sees Reborn and thinks that Reborn is cute. Haru is about to go up and hug Reborn but is cut off by Kyoko, the girl Tsuna has a crush on. Kyoko greets Reborn. Haru then walks up to Tsuna and asks if Reborn is his younger brother. Tsuna tells Haru that Reborn isn't and the Kyoko asks why Reborn is wearing a suit. Reborn tells Kyoko that he's in the mafia. Tsuna is confused as to why Reborn keeps on saying crazy things like that. Kyoko thinks it's cute, but then she goes to school so she isn't late. Haru leaves to.

Reborn knows that Tsuna has a crush on Kyoko and asks Tsuna if he does. Tsuna gets mad thinking that Reborn is prying into his personal life. Reborn tells Tsuna that since he is his tutor that he should know everything about him. Tsuna doesn't believe that Reborn is in the mafia. Reborn wants Tsuna to confess his love for Kyoko but Tsuna protests. Reborn then shoots the Dying Will Bullet at Tsuna to ask Kyoko to be his girlfriend. Tsuna's Dying Will Flame appeared on his forehead and he shed his clothes. Tsuna runs to school and avoids obstacles on the way.

Tsuna arrives at school and sees Kyoko. He asks Kyoko to go out with him. Kyoko is scared because Tsuna is not wearing anything other than his boxers and runs off. Mochida, Captain of the Kendo club, punches Tsuna because Tsuna offended Kyoko. Tsuna goes out of dying will mode, and Reborn explains to Tsuna what just happened. The school bell rings and Tsuna is still outside in nothing but his boxers. Hibari, Head of the Discipline committee, tells Tsuna to get to Tsuna then apologizes and runs to get changed.

Tsuna walks in his oom. His ates are laughing at him and making fun of him. One of his ates tells Tsuna that Mochida wants to have a match with him during afternoon break in the gym for punishment for offending Kyoko and making her cry. Tsuna plans to run from the fight.

Tsuna goes to the boy's bathroom before the match to run away, but Reborn stops him. Reborn tells Tsuna that Tsuna should fight because Kyoko will be watching. Reborn says that it's cooler to get beaten than to run away from a fight and convinces Tsuna that if he stands up Kyoko will remember him forever.

Mochida is confident that he will beat Tsuna. Mochida also has the match fixed so that no matter what he will win because the person being the referee will not raise Tsuna's flag no matter what to signal that tsuna won. Tsuna hasn't arrived yet so everyone thinks he ran. Tsuna walks through the door to the match with doubt. Tsuna is too nervous and scared to fight, but he does anyway.

The match starts and Yamamoto throws Tsuna a kendo stick to fight Mochida. Tsuna's stick is hit out of his hands and he starts running around with Mochida following him. Mochida hits Tsuna. Kyoko starts cheering for Tsuna to win. Reborn shoots a Dying Will Bullet into Tsuna. Tsuna defeats Mochida and pulls all of Mochida's hair out. The referee then declares that Tsuna is the winner. Everyone is surprised that Tsuna won and cheers. Kyoko comes over and tells Tsuna that she is sorry about this morning and thinks that it was a joke. Kyoko asks if she can call Tsuna 'Tsuna-kun' and Tsuna lets Kyoko call him that. Tsuna than wonders about Reborn, and how this could never have happened without Reborn. Gokudera is standing outside and questioning if Tsuna really is the tenth generation.

When Tsuna gets home Reborn tells him that he is a candidate for the Tenth Generation mafia boss for the Vongola family. Reborn is there to train Tsuna to be a mafia boss. Reborn explains why Tsuna is the tenth Generation and that Tsuna's great, great, great grandfather was the first mafia boss. Reborn then walks over to Tsuna's bed and falls asleep. Tsuna is forced to sleep on the floor.

Season:1 Episode:2 "The End of School!?"
Thanks to the deathperation shot, a special Vongola Family bullet, Tsuna wins his match against Mochida and is now able to talk to Kyoko, the girl he admires. An unexpected transfer student, Hayato Gokudera, arrives in Tsuna's class, and for some reason, Gokudera hates Tsuna right from the beginning. Meanwhile, Reborn forces Tsuna to participate in a volleyball match. Yamamoto, the class hero, and Kyoko expect him to play. Tsuna begs Reborn to use a deathperation shot on him

Season:1 Episode:3 "Shocking! Cooking with Love and Horror!"
“You're not getting away this time” – these are the words of a stranger who is drawing near to Tsuna's house. At the same time, another stranger has arrived in town, searching for Tsuna's house. Meanwhile, Tsuna has become friends with Yamamoto because of the volleyball incident, and has even become buddies with Gokudera, who is actually a member of the Vongola family. As Reborn continues to tutor Tsuna and things get even more hectic, the two strangers arrive. One is after Reborn's life and the other wants Reborn to stop being a tutor.

Season:1 Episode:4 "Hahi! Destroy Girls' Hearts!"
Haru Miura is a girl who has been secretly watching Reborn ever since she fell in love with him at first sight. She finally makes her move but when she talks with Reborn, she gets the impression from Reborn's words that Tsuna is a bad influence on him. Determined to separate Reborn from Tsuna, she takes advantage of a moment when Tsuna and the others are desperately trying to solve “Question 7,” a difficult problem that decides whether or not they fail a test. Gokudera and Yamamoto get involved, and a battle over Reborn begins. Haru goes to cram school, so she thinks that she can easily solve the problem.

Season:1 Episode:5 "The Director of the Discipline Committee's Avoidance of Boredom"
The prefects have immense power in Namimoi Middle School, the school that Tsuna attends. School council leader and head prefect Kyoya Hibari is the leader of the delinquents, and mercilessly attacks anyone who is weak. Reborn takes note of Hibari’s strength, and when he learns that only prefects are allowed in the reception room, Reborn knocks Tsuna out, which leads to Gokudera and Yamamoto taking Tsuna into the reception room.

Season:1 Episode:6 "Ni-Hao Gyoza Fist!"
Tsuna cannot sleep quietly because Bianchi keeps hanging around all day. And today, he ended up missing breakfast! Luckily, he is able to get a Chinese pork bun. But because of the pork bun, he ends up being chased by a dog. Tsuna is saved by I-Pin, a small child wearing Chinese clothes. I-Pin uses techniques which can only be described as psychic powers. The two meet again at Namimori Middle School. I-Pin is looking for someone. and the way she looks at Tsuna drastically changes. I-Pin suddenly calls Tsuna out. Confused, Tsuna heads to the roof .

Season:1 Episode:7 "The Limit! Passionate Brother!"
Reborn shoots Tsuna with a deathperation shot in the morning and Tsuna goes to school in deathperation mode. When he returns to normal, he notices that he was dragging someone as he ran. The boy turns out to be Ryohei Sasagawa, who is not only the captain of the boxing team, but also Kyoko's older brother. Before Tsuna can open his mouth Ryohei shouts out: “Join the boxing team, Sawada! Our motto is, 'Extreme!'” Unable to turn down Ryohei's forcefulness and Kyoko's innocent smile, Tsuna goes to the boxing team's room after school.

Season:1 Episode:8 "The Senior Boss Thinks of his Family"
Tsuna returns home as usual only to find a black car and a bunch of frightening faces waiting for him. Thinking it's Reborn's doing, Tsuna rushes to his room and opens his door to find a young man quietly sitting in a luxurious chair. The young man's name is Dino, and he is the Tenth Generation boss of the Chiavarone family. He is also Reborn's former student… In other words, he is Tsuna's senior fellow student. At first, Tsuna is troubled by his visit, but as Dino boldly protects his subordinates, Tsuna begins to think of him as an admirable adult. But Dino has a secret.

Season:1 Episode:9 "Short Life Skull Disease"
Tsuna suddenly becomes dizzy and a skull mark appears on his hand. According to Reborn, it is the symptom of an incurable illness known as Skullitis. The skull blurts out secrets and embarrassing things that the sick person cannot reveal to anyone until he/she dies. Tsuna panics. Reborn calls in a powerful doctor from Italy to take care of the disease, but the doctor, Dr. Shamal, turns out to be a womanizer who doesn't examine men. Shamal ignores Tsuna’s pleas for help and chases after Bianchi. Will Tsuna catch up with Shamal and get his help before something disastrous happens?

Season:1 Episode:10 "Gahaha! The Exploding Lunchbox!"
Tsuna forgets his lunch at his house and Lambo ends up taking it to him. When Lambo bumps into I-Pin, who is carrying nitroglycerine to her master, a mix-up of packages results in a riot at school! Tired of Lambo causing embarrassment and trouble, Tsuna complains to Reborn, who unexpectedly tries to help Tsuna by seeking out a person who can take care of Lambo. But what’s Reborn’s real motive?
Season:1 Episode:11 "The Dumpling Bun of Love and Death"
Coaxed by Reborn, Tsuna blurts out that he's going to tell Kyoko that he loves her. In reality, Tsuna has trouble even mustering up the courage to talk to her or invite her to have lunch. Even after being encouraged by Yamamoto and Gokudera, Tsuna is unable to confess his love. When Tsuna meets Haru in town and the two of them bump into Kyoko at a cake shop, Reborn takes advantage of inviting the girls to come home with Tsuna.
Season:1 Episode:12 "Training Teacher! Strengthening Program"
When Nana tells Gokudera to take care of Tsuna, Gokudera is glad that he's been acknowledged as Tsuna's right-hand man. But when he is unable to protect Tsuna from bees, Gokudera is embarrassed, and Reborn suggests taking the Vongola Strengthening Program. Gokudera and Yamamoto end up getting special training from Reborn, but Gokudera is jealous of Yamamoto and is intent on proving himself to be the best candidate to be Tsuna’s protector. Gokudera can’t let down now, because Yamamoto is acing the training program.
Season:1 Episode:13 "New Year! The Game of 100,000,000 Yen!"
The new year has come, but Tsuna’s life is still chaotic as Reborn declares that the customary Vongola New Year Inter-family Battle will be held—with Dino’s Chiavarone Family as their opponents! Tsuna finds himself participating in an absurd game that has magnificent prizes for the winners and a penalty of one hundred million yen for the losers! As familiar New Year's events like pulling fortunes become crazed competitions, Tsuna and the Vongola Team struggle to keep up with Dino’s group. Will the battle come down to the final event?
Season:1 Episode:14 "First Date!? Hell's Zoo"
Reborn has set up Tsuna on a date with Kyoko. Tsuna is thrilled, but when Tsuna meets Kyoko at the zoo he can’t seem to avoid running into people he knows. Desperate for privacy, he dashes around the zoo with his date, but when a lion escapes from its cage, will he be able to protect Kyoko?
Season:1 Episode:15 "Survival Snow Battle"
It’s a snowy day in Namimori, and Tsuna is reluctantly led to school by Reborn along with Lambo and I-Pin, who are in high spirits. To his surprise, his friends are there, willing to help pitch in and take care of the younger children. But soon Reborn has plotted yet another competition, as the group is split up into two teams and a snowball fight begins. What started as innocent winter fun has turned into a battle for survival!
Season:1 Episode:16 "Escape From the Mountain of Death!"
Dino takes Gokudera and Yamamoto to an unexplored area where Tsuna is supposed to be receiving special training from Reborn, but meet up with Tsuna, who had gotten lost, along the way. As the four teenagers come face-to-face with numerous dangerous obstacles, it becomes clear that someone has planted traps for them. Then Reborn appears to tell Tsuna that the place they're visiting is built exactly like Death Mountain, a secret Vongola training ground that has a survival rate of one in a hundred!
Season:1 Episode:17 "Hush Before Entering the Hospital"
Tsuna is hospitalized because of his injuries from Death Mountain, but his peaceful recovery is continually interrupted by his noisy friends. Still, Tsuna is happy to have so many people who care about him now, and grateful to Reborn for drawing everyone together. Soon Tsuna is transferred to what seems to be a normal room, but when he opens the door he sees Hibari, who's hospitalized from a cold.
Season:1 Episode:18 "Poisoned Love Chocolates"
It's Valentine's Day and Tsuna is curious to see who Kyoko will give chocolate to. Lacking the courage to ask her, he is unable to accompany Kyoko on her way home. Reborn gets Tsuna with a deathperation shot and Tsuna follows Kyoko to his home, where she plans to make chocolate with Haru. Tsuna is overjoyed that he will eat chocolate that Kyoko made, but he finds out that the two of them are going to learn how to make chocolates from Bianchi.
Season:1 Episode:19 "100% Accuracy? Ranking Everything"
A boy named Futa who is being chased by Mafioso stumbles across Tsuna. Futa is an informant known as Ranking Futa, and it is said that you can control the world if you get hold of his ranking book, for his rankings are 100% accurate. He asks Tsuna for help, as Tsuna ranks #1 in the Cannot-Refuse-A-Request Ranking and the Bosses-With-No-Ambition Ranking. Tsuna cannot resist Futa's innocent, wide-eyed stare and hides Futa in his room. Haru, Gokudera and Bianchi come barging in, and Futa ends up making a Who-Loves-Tsuna Ranking.
Season:1 Episode:20 "Abrupt Attack"
A sudden series of attacks have targeted Namimori Middle School's prefects. Tsuna is relieved that for once the attacks have nothing to do with him, but regular students including Ryohei have been assaulted, and Hibari, who went to crush the perpetrator, has yet to come back. According to Ryohei, Kokuyo Middle School students are behind the attacks, and soon Reborn guesses that the perpetrators are actually after the Vongola Tenth Generation boss candidate. After Reborn hands Tsuna the Namimori-Fighting-Strength Ranking. Tsuna learns that the next victim is...

Season:1 Episode:21 "Injured Friends"
Reborn has discovered that the perpetrators behind the attacks on Namimori Middle School are not ordinary students, but people involved with the mafia. Meanwhile, Gokudera has defeated Chikusa Kakimoto with one of his attacks but ends up taking a hit when protecting Tsuna. Yamamoto comes to the rescue, but Gokudera has collapsed and is in serious condition. Tsuna ends up charging into the perpetrators' hideout to protect his friends and himself!
Season:1 Episode:22 "The Unexpected Demonic Leader"
Yamamoto narrowly wins in battle against Ken Joshima, but Tsuna regrets the fact that he was a burden, as when Gokudera got injured protecting him. Still, there’s no time for even a lunch break as Tsuna and his friends are attacked by wave after wave of Mukuro's assassins. First Bianchi must contend against the girl named M. M., and then the assassin named Birds takes Kyoko and Haru hostage.
Season:1 Episode:23 "The Last Dying Will Bullet"
Gokudera and the others have been separated from Tsuna, and the main perpetrator of the attacks, Mukuro Rokudo, appears before them. Gokudera is paralyzed by the Trident Mosquito, while Yamamoto gets knocked down by Mukuro’s steel-ball attack and even Bianchi finds herself bested. The group is in terrible danger! In the nick of time, Tsuna returns, and fueled by Reborn’s last Deathperation shot, he begins his battle with Mukuro.
Season:1 Episode:24 "Everyone's Counterattack"
Tsuna has defeated Mukuro—or has he? It turns out that Mukuro is really Lancia, one of Mukuro’s associates. With an injured Yamamoto still unconscious, Tsuna and the rest of the gang charge into the building where Mukuro is. Standing in their way is Chikusa, and Gokudera insists on fighting him while Tsuna and the rest move on. When Ken barges in, Gokudera is injured and tumbles into the basement, where Hibari is being held! Meanwhile, Tsuna and the rest face off against the real Mukuro.
Season:1 Episode:25 "I Want to Win! Instant Awakening"
It appears as if Hibari has put an end to the battle, but things start to look different when Mukuro shoots himself with a gun. Tsuna senses something wrong with Bianchi, and it becomes apparent that Mukuro has possessed her, using a forbidden special shot. Gokudera also becomes possessed, and even Ken and Chikusa are now attacking Tsuna!
Season:1 Episode:26 "The End and What Comes After"
In response to Tsuna's desire to defeat Mukuro, Reborn creates new items, the Criticism Shot and the X Gloves. Tsuna is powered up as a result. On his part Mukuro uses his final ability, surrounding himself with a black aura and increasing his fighting abilities. Deathperation flames dominate the fierce battle, and when the winner is decided, Tsuna and Reborn will learn about the ghastly past of Mukuro and his henchmen that led to Mukuro's deep-seeded hatred of mafioso.
Season:1 Episode:27 "Eat Sushi to Celebrate Promotion"
Spring has arrived and Tsuna has advanced to his second year of middle school. He is eager to find out whether he can be in the same class as Kyoko again, but Tsuna ends up in Group A and Kyoko in Group B. Furthermore, he and Yamamoto are also in different classes. Gokudera is upset and is about to go wild, but Reborn, dressed up as a member of the Board of Education, tells the students that they can choose their own classes if they catch him. A chase involving the whole school begins!
Season:1 Episode:28 "It's a Lie! We killed?"
Kyoko is coming over to Tsuna's house for a visit, and Tsuna cheerfully begins cleaning his room for the event. But after a nap, he finds a man's corpse in his room! According to Reborn, the man was a burgler who Tsuna unconsciously beat to death. Matters don’t improve when Haru, Gokudera, Yamamoto and even Hibari arrive and determine that the man must be dead. What will happen when Kyoko arrives and sees the corpse?!
Season:1 Episode:29 "Broccoli's Sweetheart?"
Hana Kurokawa considers the boys in her grade to be monkeys, but amazingly falls in love with Adult Lambo and asks Tsuna to introduce him to her. Naturally, Kurokawa doesn't realize that the noisy child Lambo in Tsuna's room is the same person she's fallen in love with. Annoyed with the child Lambo, she hits him, leading Lambo to use his Ten-Year Bazooka on himself, but this time a different Adult Lambo appears.
Season:1 Episode:30 "Hide and Seek on a Cruise Ship"
Nana wins a magazine prize for a trip to a southern paradise on a luxurious cruise ship. With Reborn and Bianchi staying at home to look after Lambo and the others, an elated Nana and Tsuna are on their way. Tsuna is ready to enjoy some rare peace and relaxation…but why is Reborn and the others on the same luxurious cruise ship? And why are Yamamoto and Haru with them? When hitmen invade the ship, Tsuna and the gang are forced to spring into action!
Season:1 Episode:31 "Welcoming at Mafia Island (Land)"
What started as a tropical cruise takes a turn for the strange as the group lands in Mafia Land, a resort island that has an amusement park and a beach. Despite the ominous mafia connection, Tsuna is happy to see that the island appears normal, but Reborn tells him that there are formalities for entering the taking a mafia exam that involves handing over bribes! Naturally, Tsuna fails, and ends up being taken to Secret Mafia Land, where Colonnello, a baby who's an old friend of Reborn, awaits.
Season:1 Episode:32 "A Shark in the Public Pool"
Tsuna cannot swim, and doesn't want to look bad in front of Kyoko. Fortunately Yamamoto proposes to help him practice at the public pool, but offers overly abstract advice. Reborn calls over Haru and Gokudera, but they're not much help either. Soon a competition to see who can teach Tsuna how to swim begins! Will he learn how to swim or drown first?
Season:1 Episode:33 "Summer Vacation Ruined by Loans?"
Tsuna has taken on a summer job to pay off a debt caused by Lambo, but at his beach workplace he encounters some unsavory high school students who also turn out to be his superiors. Soon the high school students are bothering Kyoko and the others, and challenge Tsuna to a swimming contest. Tsuna may not be ready to swim in the ocean, but he’s ready to do all he can to protect Kyoko!


Season:2 Episode:34 "The Varia Comes!"
Nana tells Tsuna that his father is coming home, and the announcement leaves him with mixed emotions, since he hasn’t seen him for two years. To cheer him up, Gokudera and Yamamoto suggest that they skip their remedial session and hang out in town. But suddenly, a boy covered with injuries falls from the sky. Furthermore, that boy has a deathperation flame on his head! A man who was chasing the boy begins fighting without regard for his surroundings, forcing Tsuna into combat.

Season:2 Episode:35 "The 7 Vongola Rings"
Tsuna is caught up in a battle between Basil, a boy who apparently has ties to the Vongola, and a mysterious man named Squalo. Gokudera and Yamamoto are no match for Squalo's strength, and even Tsuna has trouble fighting him in deathperation mode. Fortunately Dino appears, forcing Squalo to withdraw, but not before stealing the rings Basil was trying to give Tsuna. Confused, Tsuna demands an explanation, and Reborn and Dino tell him the unbelievable truth.

Season:2 Episode:36 "Tutors, Move Out"
Vongola rings are important items handed down from generation to generation by the seven core members of the Vongola Family, with the Sky Ring proof that one is the rightful Vongola heir. Now Tsuna and his friends must battle Squalo and the Varia to earn the rings. Ryohei receives the Sun Ring, and Colonnello shows up to be his trainer. Dino is unable to fight with everyone else because of his alliance with the Vongola, but he goes to the owner of the Cloud Ring to be his tutor. For Tsuna, it seems like things are going from bad to worse.

Season:2 Episode:37 "Teacher and Student Combination, Assembled"
As preparation for the upcoming battle continues, Gokudera begins training by himself but gets himself in danger by using risky training methods. Tsuna tries to stop him, but Shamal, who has been secretly watching Gokudera, stops him. Shamal will be Gokudera’s tutor…if Gokudera can understand that he must be deadly serious about his life. Meanwhile, Yamamoto learns Shigure Soen Ryu stance technique from his father Tsuyoshi, while Ryohei continues to train with Colonnello.

Season:2 Episode:38 "The Selfish Child's Disappearance"
Unexpectedly, Reborn tells Tsuna to take a break from their training sessions. However, when Tsuna goes out to enjoy his free time, strange things happen wherever he goes. It turns out his training is ongoing and his “break” is a break in name only. When Tsuna sees Lambo and Lambo later disappears, tensions run high.

Season:2 Episode:39 "The Invisible Enemies Goal is?"
Reborn calls over Giannini, a famed weapon tuner from Italy, to help prepare Tsuna for the fight against the Varia, but the weapons Giannini modifies are surprisingly useless. On top of that, when Gokudera visits to modify his dynamite, he becomes a child because of a badly modified Ten-Year Bazooka! Gokudera doesn't realize that he's become smaller, driving Tsuna crazy, and then Gokudera suddenly starts saying that there are suspicious people in places where no one can be seen.

Season:2 Episode:40 "The Ring Battle, Start!"
Tsuna and the others continue training but the Varia's leader, Xanxus, realizes that the rings that Squalo had stolen were fakes a lot sooner than Reborn and the others had expected. The Varia have finally come to Japan. Upon receiving this information Iemitsu tells Tsuna to protect the Lightning Guardian, whose identity turns out to be a surprise. Meanwhile, the Leviathan Lightning Strike Squad, led by Leviathan, the Varia's Guardian of the Lightning Ring, is trying to get their hands on the other half of his Lightning Ring.

Season:2 Episode:41 "The Feelings of the Guardian of the Sun"
The battle for the Vongola rings to decide who is the true Vongola heir has begun with a bang! Tsuna cannot hide his fear of Xanxus’s formidable power. Gokudera’s and Yamamoto's smiles stop him from running away and his hands from shaking. After talking with Ryohei, Tsuna learns Ryohei's determination to fight and his feelings for Kyoko. In the end, he doesn't quit and heads to Namimori Middle School, where the battle will be held. The first battle match-up is announced. It will be between the Sun Guardians—a martial arts battle between Ryohei and Lussuria! The special nature of the battlefield becomes a factor, and Lussuria dominates the battle.

Season:2 Episode:42 "The Power to Rebound Adversity"
Ryohei is in danger. He has injured his left hand and is dehydrated because of the heat from the lights. He receives permission from Colonnello to use his Maximum Cannon, a right-fisted recovery technique that he had been saving for when he's at an extreme disadvantage. But his techniques are blocked by Lussuria's metal knee. Ryohei receives a brutal injury to his right arm and collapses. Kyoko's tears and the promise that he made to her when they were little get him back on his feet. “I won't lose,” he says. His feelings for his younger sister complete his Maximum Cannon. Light shines from his right fist, and the light breaks Lussuria's perfect defense!

Season:2 Episode:43 "Thunder Strike of 20 Years Later"
The second battle is between the Lightning Guardians. It is being held in the rain on a special field that spreads the lightning catches across the ground. Tsuna is worried about Lambo, his Lightning Guardian. He tries to get him to concede, but Lambo thinks it's a game and steps onto the field. As soon as Lambo's battle with Levi begins, lightning strikes the field and Lambo is struck with electricity, just as Tsuna was worried would happen. The battle appears as if it has already been decided. But Lambo's special body structure prevents him from taking serious damage from the lightning.

Season:2 Episode:44 "The Stolen Sky Ring"
Lambo looks like he's going to win the Lightning Guardian battle when he turns into his Twenty-years later form, but just before he can, the effect of the Ten-Year Bazooka runs out. Lambo is in danger when he turns back into his original form. Tsuna steps in to save Lambo, but he’s disqualified for interfering. Both the lightning and sky rings are taken away. Tsuna is regretful, but Reborn acknowledges that he took action to save a friend. Tsuna wants to become stronger so his friends don't get hurt. Yamamoto smiles at him for his determination, but Gokudera looks gloomy.

Season:2 Episode:45 "Raging Waves of the Storm Battle"
The third battle between Storm Guardians Gokudera and Belphagor is a timed death match. The battle takes place on the third floor of the school. There are Hurricane Turbines that blow gusts of wind around. Since both guardians use projectiles, it looks as if the wind will be their greatest obstacle. But Belphagor uses the wind and showers Gokudera with endless attacks. As his nickname, Prince the Ripper, suggests, Belphagor can use knives anyway he likes. On the other hand, Gokudera cannot attack well with his dynamite. But he notices how Belphagor's knives come at him from places that Belphagor cannot see him from. He retaliates with his new technique!

Season:2 Episode:46 "A Reason to Fight"
Gokudera is able to damage Belphagor with his Rocket Bombs, his newly created technique. But when Belphagor sees his own blood, his abnormal disposition shows itself and he becomes excited and shows his true skills. Belphagor's fighting techniques and tricks make him worthy of being called a genius. Gokudera is slowly cornered. But before he is, he sees through Belphagor's plan and makes a counterstrike! Belphagor collapses. If Gokudera can get Belphagor's ring, he'll win, but he has trouble doing so. Belphagor is moving unconsciously due to his persistence and willpower.

Season:2 Episode:47 "The Strongest, Invincible Sword Style"
The next battle is between the Rain Guardians. For Yamamoto, it’s a grudge match against Squalo, whom he has lost to before. Hibari barges in, furious that the school has been damaged, but Reborn's smooth talking manages to prevent anything from happening and keeps him from getting disqualified. Dino shows up in place of Hibari and tells Yamamoto that Squalo was a Varia boss candidate and that he is a master swordsman who has crushed and absorbed many sword styles. He warns him that he cannot win unless he transcends his style. But Yamamoto's father, tells him that Shigure Soen Ryu is invincible.

Season:2 Episode:48 "The Match's Whereabouts"
Yamamoto decides to fight using the Shigure Kintoki, the sword handed to him by his father that can only used with Shigure Soen Ryu forms. With no time left, the Rain Guardian battle begins with everyone looking on! It is difficult to get good footing in Aquarion, the battlefield, because of the ever-falling water. Tsuna and his friends are relieved that Yamamoto is able to stave off Squalo's fierce attacks. But Dino, an acquaintance of Squalo's, is still worried. Dino's hunch is correct when Squalo sees through Yamamoto's attack and even breaks through Yamamoto's defensive techniques.

Season:2 Episode:49 "Requiem Rain"
Shigure Soen Ryu was a style that Squalo had crushed before?! Tsuna and his friends are shocked, but Yamamoto trusts his father's words and continues to fight with Shigure Soen Ryu. Squalo's retaliation is relentless, and Yamamoto is seriously injured by Squalo's Zanna di Squalo and collapses. He notices that the Shigure Soen Ryu Form Eight that he learned was different from the one he had learned from his father, and realizes the truth about Shigure Soen Ryu and why it's flawless and invincible. He points his sword at Squalo once more!

Season:2 Episode:50 "The Guardian of the Mist, Arrives!?"
The identity of Tsuna's Mist Guardian still has not been revealed. As night approaches, Tsuna is concerned about the Mist battle and cannot concentrate on his training. He meets some unexpected people at the sweets shop near his training ground. Meanwhile, Reborn and Colonnello suspect that Mammon, the Varia's Mist Guardian, is an Arcobaleno. Mammon is also curious as to the identity of his opponent. His many attempts to find out have been blocked. Who is Tsuna's Mist Guardian? Night falls and he remains unknown… Meanwhile in Italy, Iemitsu has managed to contact Ninth Generation.

Season:2 Episode:51 "Illusion VS Illusion"
Tsuna's Mist Guardian finally shows herself. It is a girl that no one has ever seen before. Judging from her attire, the weapon she holds, and the fact that Ken and Chikusa are with her, Gokudera suspects that she is possessed by Mukuro. But Tsuna senses that she has free will and acknowledges her as his Mist Guardian as she wishes. The girl calls herself Chrome Dokuro. She uses Mukuro's trident and Six Realm fighting abilities to fight evenly against Mammon in an illusion battle. But Mammon has a trick up his sleeve.

Season:2 Episode:52 "The Truth of the Mist"
“I have returned from the depths of the Paths of Rebirth.” Mukuro Rokudo appears from the mist that Chrome surrounded herself with! Mammon reveals that the real Mukuro failed to escape from Vindice Penitentiary, but the Mukuro before him doesn't appear to be a fake. The techniques and abilities that Mukuro uses are not superficial. Mammon releases his power to become Viper. Viper and Mukuro create an incredible illusion that makes those who are watching feel sick. Tsuna synchs with Mukuro's memories and learns the truth about his situation.

Season:2 Episode:53 "A Touch of Uneasiness"
It is the morning of the final Guardian battle, the Cloud Battle. Tsuna has had a bad dream and is worried about Hibari. Even though he trusts in Hibari's strength, he cannot calm down. He goes to Dino to find out how he's doing. Tsuna is relieved when he sees Dino smile as he talks about Hibari and sees Gokudera and the others, who were also concerned, resting peacefully. But with a stern expression, Reborn urges him to prepare for the unexpected. Meanwhile, in Italy, Oregano and the others find an old army weapon lab where a weapon that resembles Gola Moska was being developed.

Season:3 Episode:54 "The Guardian of the Cloud's Rampage"
The Cloud Ring battle is settled in an instant. Everyone is astonished. Hibari determines that Xanxus is the cause of the battle and the strongest in the area, so he challenges him to a battle. Xanxus takes some mysterious actions in response to Hibari's challenge. Even though Xanxus has lost, he has a delighted smile on his face. Meanwhile, Tsuna has completed his technique, the Deathperate Zero Point Breakthrough. Tsuna and the others are surprised at the technique that the First Generation Vongola is said to have used. They immediately rush to Namimori Middle School, where the battle for the rings is taking place!

Season:3 Episode:55 "Resolve"
Gola Moska has gone out of control. Tsuna splits him in two. It looks as if things have come to an end, but Tsuna and Reborn are at a loss for words when Xanxus’ plan is revealed. The cruel reality and the trap set almost wipes out the warmth that existed. But Tsuna tells Xanxus, “I won't let you succeed Vongola IX!” Tsuna's determination and Xanxus’ anger clash. The Cervello take charge and make the Sky Ring battle, the final battle in the fight for the Vongola Rings.

Season:3 Episode:56 "Gokudera's Story"
Lambo, who has been sleeping since the Lightning Ring battle, temporarily regains consciousness. In the evening, Gokudera visits the hospital to celebrate and pay Lambo a visit. He tells Lambo about how things suddenly began and about everyone's rough days of training and fighting. Even though Lambo doesn't realize it, he is deeply involved with the battle for the Vongola rings. The Sky battle between Xanxus and Tsuna is about to begin.

Season:3 Episode:57 "The Battle of the Sky, Begins!"
It is the day of the final battle for the rings…The day when Tsuna and Xanxus square off against each other. Tsuna goes to visit Lambo. There, Reborn gives him a mafia suit modeled based on the Namimori Middle School uniform made specially by Leon. Tsuna puts on the suit and heads to Namimori Middle School, where the Sky Ring battle is being held. His Guardians gather there one-by-one. Tsuna is surprised that Hibari is there but it seems that the Cervello have forced everyone to assemble. Tsuna is angered that they take Lambo from the hospital. Under the Cervello's rules for the Sky battle, the six rings and the lives of the Guardians are at stake.

Season:3 Episode:58 "Flame of Rage"
All of the Guardians are injected with a poison known as Death Heater. The wristbands containing the poison will cause death within 30 minutes unless the victim is given an antidote. The Sky battle becomes a fight for the lives of the Guardians. There is fierce combat right from the start. Xanxus releases his Flame of Fury which has incredible destructive power. Tsuna fights back with his power to control the flames that he gained during his training. Tsuna breaks through Xanxus’ Flame of Fury but Xanxus reveals the pair of guns he has been hiding! Meanwhile in Italy, Iemitsu is still unable to escape from the Vongola's main headquarters. He remembers the day that he met Vongola IX.

Season:3 Episode:59 "Those Who Support"
The power of Xanxus’ guns is greater than that of his Flame of Fury and Tsuna begins to have problems fighting him. Furthermore, Xanxus has revived the Varia's Guardians. But when Belphagor makes his move, Hibari appears before him! Hibari has revived himself. “Clouds can give rise to storms,” Reborn says. As he says, Hibari revives Gokudera. Gokudera confronts Levi to save Lambo. Their help is reassuring, and Tsuna can finally focus on his fight with Xanxus. But Xanxus’ attacks corner begin to Tsuna.

Season:3 Episode:60 "Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough"
Xanxus’ attacks are relentless. Tsuna has taken quite a bit of damage and is in danger. He tries the technique he has been training to learn, the Deathperate Zero Point Breakthrough. Tsuna begins concentrating to activate his technique. His flame begins flickering peculiarly as if it is knocking. Xanxus isn't supposed to know about the Deathperate Zero Point Breakthrough, but upon seeing this, the look on his face changes. Xanxus frantically tries to stop him. Tsuna's concentration is disrupted and he cannot get his technique to activate. Xanxus hits him with his Scoppio D'Ira! Meanwhile, Dino has not shown up at the Sky battle and is taking different measures to save Tsuna.

Season:3 Episode:61 "Zero Point Breakthrough Custom"
It looks as if Tsuna has completed his Deathperate Zero Point Breakthrough and defeated Xanxus. “That's not the Deathperate Zero Point Breakthrough,” Xanxus says. Everyone is shocked at Xanxus words, which seem to suggest that he's seen the Deathperate Zero Point Breakthrough before. Reborn explains that the Deathperate Zero Point Breakthrough isn't a technique, but a state of being of sorts. Tsuna has reached that state of being and has acquired a technique that is different from the one that the First Vongola created. Tsuna determines that it will be difficult to defeat Xanxus with a technique that absorbs his opponent's power. He tries to use his Zero Point Breakthrough Revised, the technique he discovered with his super intuition.

Season:3 Episode:62 "Bargaining"
Gokudera and Yamamoto step into the gym to save Chrome, but Belphagor and Mammon have already captured her They approach Gokudera with the proposition to trade Chrome for the rings. Gokudera tries to refuse, but Yamamoto has a plan and gives in to Mammon's demands. Yamamoto's quick wits seem to turn the situation around… Meanwhile, Xanxus’ anger grows. The fire he produces has immeasurable power. Tsuna's technique is not enough to absorb it. Xanxus discards his guns and attacks head on. In response, Tsuna tries to take him on with his flames.

Season:3 Episode:63 "Freezing Flame"
Xanxus’ hands are frozen by Tsuna's Deathperate Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition, a technique that seals away deathperation flames. Xanxus is furious that Tsuna can use the technique that the First Vongola boss used, but Tsuna calmly points out that Vongola IX hit him with the same technique. Xanxus doesn't give up. Tsuna asks him why he's mad, but Xanxus doesn't give him an answer. What happened in the Cradle Incident eight years ago? The battle is coming to a conclusion without the truth coming to light!

Season:3 Episode:64 "The Rage's Truth"
The Vongola rings have a hidden power… Just as Mammon says, when the seven rings are gathered, a flame appears from the rings that can melt the ice of the Zero Point Breakthrough. The ring grants great power to the proper heir, the Blood of the Vongola. The flames free Xanxus, and Xanxus gets ahold of the ring. Tsuna has used up his energy in the battle and is unable to stop him. Gokudera and the others rush over, but they are too late. The rings that Xanxus wears begin to shine and fill with power!

Season:3 Episode:65 "Showdown!"
After a fierce battle, the Sky battle is settled, and the battle for the rings comes to an end. Xanxus is rejected by the ring and is disqualified. The successors of the Vongola Rings are Tsuna and his six Guardians. Xanxus yells out of rage. The Cervello talk to him as if they have known everything all along. In the end, they never reveal who they are. They declare that the battle has ended. Tsuna finally looks relieved. Tsuna has nothing more to worry about, so he passes out. The next day, Tsuna wakes up to find Reborn, who smiles and tells him that they're having a party.

Season:3 Episode:66 "The Shivering Ghost"
The battle for the rings has ended and Tsuna is enjoying the peace. Reborn suggests that they have an out-of-season "test of courage." Tsuna doesn't like the idea at first, but he learns that Kyoko is participating and becomes eager to pair up with her. But when he gets to the graveyard, all the participants, besides him and Lambo, are doing the scaring. Tsuna is disappointed, but doesn't want to look like a coward in front of Kyoko. He decides to go into the creepy graveyard with Lambo. The two get separated, and when they meet again, Lambo has switched places with Adult Lambo. But for some reason, there's something a little different about Adult Lambo.

Season:3 Episode:67 "Vongola style Parent's Day"
It's Open House! Tsuna is poor at studying, and for him it’s just a day of terrible experiences. He’s hit with a question he doesn't know the answer to and opens his mouth to give a random answer, but his tutor, Reborn, won't allow that to happen. Reborn is watching from behind the parents to see that Tsuna gets the answer right. But then Lambo and the others come barging in! In the end, the teacher has to leave to carry off Gokudera after he passes from seeing Bianchi. The classroom is unsettled. At that moment, a certain man stands at the front of the class!

Season:3 Episode:68 "Happy? Wedding"
One day, Tsuna receives an invitation to a wedding ceremony. The names of the bride and the groom are Bianchi and Reborn! It seems that Nana found her wedding pictures the other day, which made Bianchi crazy about getting married. At first, Tsuna is sure that Reborn would never consent, but when he sees Bianchi in a wedding dress at the church he realizes the ceremony is real. Tsuna goes to the groom's room to congratulate Reborn, but he learns the surprising truth from Dino!

Season:3 Episode:69 "Unthinkable Crime of Three Siblings"
Nana's wallet has been stolen. Angered about dinner, Reborn and the other freeloaders step up to catch the thief. Naturally, Tsuna is dragged along. The Sawada family walks through the shopping district with guards around Nana. The group grabs the attention of three men, the Crime Brothers, who are causing a stir in town. The youngest brother was the one who stole Nana's wallet the day before!

Season:3 Episode:70 "Shoichi Irie's Calamity"
Lambo is beat up by Reborn as usual and is tossed into a neighboring house. The boy living there, Shoichi Irie, goes to the Sawada household to return a box that contains a gifts of thanks from the Bovino Family, the family that Lambo belongs to. But unusual things begin to happen! A beautiful woman sunbathing out of season, a talking baby, an exploding child, and a suspicious black luxury car… Shoichi Irie is confused by the strange happenings and has no chance to return the box.

Season:3 Episode:71 "Spirit Battle! Absolute Evil Fist"
A dojo buster has appeared in Namimori. Kyoko and Haru see him in action and are angered at how merciless he is, even against children. They are frustrated that they aren't able to do anything. Reborn tells them that Tsuna will defeat the dojo buster for them. Naturally, Tsuna doesn't want to. But when he sees Kyoko's sad expression, he is unable to refuse and begins training. The name of the technique that Reborn is trying to teach Tsuna is called the "Absolute Evil Fist." But for some reason, Reborn won't tell him what kind of fighting style it is?

Season:3 Episode:72 "Expulsion Crisis"
Nezu is a terrible teacher who makes fun of students who get bad grades. On the day he has to return his students’ science tests, he shows the entire class Tsuna's answer sheet, which has received poor marks. Gokudera is angered at Nezu for making fun of Tsuna and confronts him, but Tsuna and Yamamoto stop him from causing any physical harm. Nezu falls over and is angered; he blames Tsuna and his friends for his injuries. He says that they should be expelled. Thanks to Kyoko's pleading, Nezu will forgive them if they retake the science test and get good scores.

Season:3 Episode:73 "Mom's Day of Thanks"
Everyone suddenly receives an invitation from Reborn to attend a Vongola-style Maman Appreciation Day party. Reborn is holding this event to entertain Nana, who is always taking care of everyone. But with a name that includes “Vongola-style,” it can't be normal. At the party, Nana selects a winner by giving points to people who reveal their secret talents. The chances that the winner's wish will be granted is, amazingly, 100 percent! Everyone wants their wish granted, and the Sawada family living room becomes a place for serious battle with greed swirling all around.

Season 4

Season:4 Episode:74 "The World Ten Years in the Future"
Reborn ends up getting hit by the Ten-year Bazooka. But for some reason, his self from ten years later doesn't appear, and he goes missing. Tsuna gets Gokudera's help and goes looking for Reborn, but he cannot find him anywhere… Tsuna is uneasy asking Lambo about the Ten-year Bazooka, so he thinks of summoning Adult Lambo. Tsuna begs Lambo to take out his Ten-year Bazooka, but Lambo refuses, and the two end up fighting for it. While they are fighting with each other. 

Season:4 Episode:75 "Hideout"
Lal Mirch says that Reborn has died. Tsuna cannot hide his shock. He ends up following Lal, who is headed to the Vongola hideout, but he can’t get the thought out of his head. Gokudera manages to cheer him up, but he is still anxious about the fact that they’ve come to the future and don't know what they’re doing. Along the way, the sun has set. The three of them decide to camp out. Once the group has procured food and settled down, Lal talks about the situation for the first time. What she says is far more awful than Tsuna and Gokudera ever imagined.

Season:4 Episode:76 "Guardian Search"
Tsuna and Gokudera have come to the future Namimori. There, the Vongola Family has been pushed to the point of destruction. The enemy is the Millefiore Family, which is led by Byakuran. They are trying to annihilate the Vongola and have attacked not only family members but people who are involved with the family as well. Reborn has made it safely to the Vongola hideout. Tsuna hears from Reborn and Yamamoto from ten years later about the tragic situation and is absolutely confused. Tsuna becomes worried about Nana and Kyoko, and Reborn suggests that he look for his Guardians. Tsuna and Gokudera go out with the future Yamamoto to go looking for the Guardians.

Season:4 Episode:77 "The Flame of Resolution"
Tsuna finally finds Kyoko, but she suddenly switches places with her self from ten years ago! Tsuna panics. Tazaru, one of the Millefiore's assassins, attacks him. Meanwhile, Yamamoto, Haru, Lambo and I-Pin have become their past selves at about the same time as Kyoko. Yamamoto, whom Gokudera had been relying on, has disappeared at an important moment. Gokudera panics. He tries to run away, but Nosaru doesn't allow him to escape and hits him with an attack. Gokudera manages to avoid a direct hit, but even when he tries to retaliate, his attacks don't work against the special futuristic method of fighting using boxes that use deathperation flames. When he gets into terrible danger, Gokudera remembers the words that Yamamoto from the future left him.

Season:4 Episode:78 "Clue to The Past"
Tsuna is injured from his battle with Tazaru. Furthermore, Tsuna's confusion reaches its peak when he learns that not only Kyoko but Yamamoto, Haru, and the others have all switched places with their selves from ten years ago. But they realize the true meaning of the directions written on the letter that Gokudera from the future had, and move on from their dead-end situation. Gokudera and Yamamoto are encouraged by Kyoko and the others' positive attitudes. Tsuna decides to do everything that he can. Meanwhile, Shoichi Irie, the man in the photo, is meeting with Third Squad Captain Gamma at the Millefiore Family's Japanese base.

Season:4 Episode:79 "First Trial"
Lal Mirch's test has begun. She explains to Tsuna and the others about the boxes and the rings, the waves, and other things that are important to learn for fighting in the future. They begin practice and are given the task of lighting a flame on their rings. Gokudera and Yamamoto are immediately able to accomplish it, but Tsuna is unable to do it no matter how many times he tries. Tsuna wonders if he doesn't have enough determination to light a fire on his ring. Reborn's words draw out his true feelings and the ring responds… Meanwhile, in Italy, Byakuran says something astounding.

Season:4 Episode:80 "Dissonance"
Kyoko has gone outside of the base She apparently did it out of concern for Ryohei's safety, but there are many from Millefiore family wandering about. The group must find Kyoko as quickly as possible. Tsuna regrets not noticing Kyoko's anxiety. At the same time, Hi-bird delivers a rescue signal. Tsuna is forced to decide how to handle both incidents. Tsuna splits himself, along with Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Lal into two teams and tries to solve both problems at the same time.

Season:4 Episode:81 "Combination"
Gokudera turns down Yamamoto and tries to fight Gamma by himself. Yamamoto is annoyed and decides to watch, but Gamma's power is much greater than the two had anticipated and Gokudera immediately gets cornered. Gokudera is in great danger, but Yamamoto, who had not made a move until then, appears before him… Meanwhile, Tsuna and Lal run around town in search for Kyoko. They find her being harbored by someone unexpected. Tsuna is glad to find out that she's safe. But Lal saw Gamma along their way, and suspects that Gokudera and Yamamoto are in danger. Tsuna and Lal hurry to the shrine.

Season:4 Episode:82 "The Strongest Guardian"
Yamamoto has fallen from Gamma's attack. Gamma has defended himself from Gokudera and Yamamoto's attacks by using the power of a special box. He presses Gokudera to tell him about Vongola Tenth Generation, whom Gokudera and Yamamoto were talking about. But Gokudera stubbornly refuses to talk, even if he's hurt. Gamma gives up and tries to wipe him out along with Yamamoto, but… “I'm going to bite you to death here,” a voice says. Future Hibari has come to save Gokudera and Yamamoto from danger! I won't forgive anyone who disturbs the Namimori's peace,” he says. Hibari challenges Gamma to battle for the same reasons he always has. Meanwhile, Irie has receives a report regarding the detection of the Vongola rings.

Season:4 Episode:83 "The Received Information"
When Tsuna and Lal reach Namimori Island they are greeted by Hibari from the future. Reunited with someone reliable, Tsuna smiles, but he is at a loss for words at Gokudera and Yamamoto's injuries. Tsuna notices that he was not the only one shocked by being blown into the future, and becomes painfully aware of his soft-side. Reborn gives Tsuna some words of encouragement. Meanwhile, Kyoko was being sheltered by Hana. She goes back with Lal to the base. At the same time, there is word that Bianchi and Futa, who went out to gather information, are coming back.

Season:4 Episode:84 "The Journey Home"
Kyoko is safely back, and Tsuna begins training towards the goal based on the information that Bianchi and Futa bring back. As he does, I-Pin collapses with a fever. Kyoko and Haru find her. They get Gianini to make her a medicine and nurse her, but her fever doesn't go down. Haru says that they should see a doctor, but Kyoko objects and says it's dangerous. Finally, she gives into Haru's excuses and the fact that I-Pin isn't getting any better, and helps them get outside the base. Bianchi is first to notice what is happening. She chases after Haru and I-Pin.

Season:4 Episode:85 "Where is the Hide-Out?"
Lambo makes a fuss about wanting a lollipop. There is no such thing in the base's storehouse. Lambo tries to escape to get a lollipop, but he is given a candy and his escape is prevented for the time being… The same day, one of the monitors used to see what the situation is outside has stopped working due to damaged wiring. Someone needs to go outside of the base to fix it. Futa accepts the task. He thinks that it'll be all right since he is from the future world and he has gone outside many times to collect information.

Season:4 Episode:86 "The Most Fearful Tutor"
Approximately two weeks since the battle with Gamma, Tsuna is given a new training program. Gokudera and Yamamoto's wounds have finally healed, and they are participating in training as well. Each of them are given a tutor. Yamamoto gets Reborn, and Gokudera gets Bianchi… Everyone is surprised by the unexpected pairings. But Lal who Tsuna assumed was going to continue to coach him, says that she's going to stop being Tsuna's tutor. Tsuna's new tutor, who was assigned to him so that he would develop more rapidly, is, surprisingly Hibari! As soon as they begin their individual training, Tsuna is trapped in a closed space by Hibari's box techniques.

Season:4 Episode:87 "Succession"
Hibari has trapped Tsuna in a closed space. Tsuna is unsuccessful at escaping, and he is beginning to run out of air within the sphere. He goes out of hyper move and all seems lost for him. When he is just about to lose consciousness, his Vongola ring suddenly begins to shine. The light shows Tsuna the cruel acts that the Vongola have done… Meanwhile, outside the sphere, Lal wants Hibari to stop. Reborn and Hibari tell her about the Trials of the Vongola.

Season:4 Episode:88 "7³ (Tre ne Sette)"
Tsuna overcomes the Trials of the Vongola, and gains the V.R. form of his X Gloves. Tsuna breaks through Hibari's needle Sphere. Hibari relentlessly attacks him. Tsuna takes him on with his more powerful X Gloves, but he is still unable to use its power well, and Hibari goes unchallenged. Tsuna is in danger. As a last resort, he does something unexpected--! Meanwhile, in Italy, at Millefiore headquarters, Byakuran is having a meeting with main members of the family, the head captains of their seventeen units.

Season:4 Episode:89 "Piano of Sorrow"
After an explanation of the mystery of the boxes and theories concerning them, Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera's training becomes standardized. Their training is difficult and they are exhausted every day. Of the three of them, Gokudera isn't doing very well. Day by day, he takes his own actions. Tsuna is worried that there's something wrong with him. Reborn tells him about Gokudera's past… Meanwhile, the Millefiore's Glo Xinia is headed to Japan.

Season:4 Episode:90 "Rain Owl (Gufo di Pioggia)"
Ghrome has been sent ten years into the future like Tsuna and the others. She spends her days in Kokuyo Land by herself, not knowing the situation. Glo Xinia marches in by himself. Glo has some sort of grudge against Chrome from the future. He shows a twisted attachment to her. He declares that he defeated the future Mukuro. Chrome confronts him, but her illusions don't work, and gets into a touch situation. Suddenly, there is a nostalgic voice in her head.

Season:4 Episode:91 "What I Believe In"

“What You Believe In”
Mukuro posses Glo's Rain Owl box weapon, and gives Chrome advice. Chrome fights by lighting a flame on her Mist Ring. But her powered-up illusions still don't work against Glo. Just when she thinks she cannot do anything, Mukuro asks her what she believes in most. Their powers combine and the thing that appears is… Meanwhile, at Tsuna's hideout, the siren to notify everyone of incoming emergency encoded transmissions is sounding. The encryption belongs to the assassin unit.

Season:4 Episode:92 "Entrusted Selection"
Irie is panicking. He cannot find the Vongola's hideout. He gets information that Glo is seriously injured. A message from Byakuran conveniently tells him where Glo was defeated, and reveals that Byakuran was not the one who ordered Glo to go to Kokuyo Land. Irie is suspicious of Glo, who is supposed to be standing by. He goes to Glo to find out from whom Glo got his information and what happened at Kokuyo Land… Meanwhile, a certain man walks into the Vongola hideout!

Season:4 Episode:93 "Emergency Alert Level D"
Tsuna has to decide on whether he wants to participate in a large-scale plan that future Ryohei has planned. He is given a one-day reprieve. Tsuna and Gokudera head back to training as they think about it. They happen to come across Lambo in the hall. Lambo's hand grenade explodes somewhere unexpected and the hideout's alarms ring. This is the first time that this is happened and everyone is surprised. According to Giannini, the hideout has five security levels. It is a good opportunity, so just as soon as he explains things to Tsuna and the others.

Season:4 Episode:94 "True Natures Revealed"
The incident that Lambo caused comes to an end, and Tsuna and the others begin their training again. Lal suddenly orders Tsuna to watch everyone else's training. Tsuna is confused, but first goes to Yamamoto's place. When Tsuna peeks into the training dojo to see how he is doing, he sees Reborn and Yamamoto's harsh training. Yamamoto has yet to produce results, and Reborn is treating him harshly. When Tsuna goes to the Storm Room to check up on Gokudera, only Bianchi is there.

Season:4 Episode:95 "Determination"
Chrome's condition suddenly changes. Her innards, which were supplemented by Mukuro's illusions, broke down. Tsuna and the others are unable to tell what happened to Mukuro or how to make Chrome better. They are unable to do anything but panic as Chrome suffers. Then Hibari appears… Chrome manages to get better, but her sickness worsens. The plan to break into the Millefiore's Japanese base five days later becomes even more difficult. Furthermore, Reborn notices that Lal's physical condition is not good.

Season:4 Episode:96 "X Burner"
Tsuna continues his training with Hibari in preparation for their plan five days later. Hibari is sick of dealing with Tsuna and asks him how long he's going to keep fighting like a herbivore, and leaves to his room. Tsuna cannot think of any way to use his V.R. X Gloves. The person who gives him an idea for a killer technique is Lambo, who is always annoying, and Haru. Tsuna feels that he can fight because he has support… He takes those feelings and puts them into his technique.

Season:4 Episode:97 "Large Pursuit"
Gokudera boasts that he's close to completing his SISTEMA C.A.I., but the problem is that a mysterious kitten suddenly appears. The kitten doesn't take to Gokudera at all and runs away from him. A chase around the hideout begins. Gokudera tries desperately to catch up. The many things that have happened until now fly through his head… But the day of their plan is drawing near and there's no time to be getting sentimental. Gokudera becomes determined once again to defeat Shoichi Irie, and chases after the kitten once more.

Season:4 Episode:98 "Declaration"
The lines are connected once again and Byakuran is finally able to get through. Irie was worried and is kind of disgusted by Byakuran's aloofness. Irie asks Byakuran about the situation. Byakuran is grinning and stuffing his mouth with marshmallows. Despite his relaxed attitude, the situation is very tense. Information about the Millefiore's Japanese hideout has leaked to the Vongola. Upon hearing this, Irie takes out his Mare Ring and says that he'll take care of it personally. His expression becomes cold and completely different from his usual unreliable attitude.

Season:4 Episode:99 "Last Ordeal"
Yamamoto has finally reached the next stage in his training. Reborn tells him that he cannot teach him any more advanced sword techniques. Instead, he takes out a DVD box. When he plays the DVD, a familiar voice yells out, “Hey!” The DVD is titled, “The Path to Being the Emperor of Swords.” It is a record of the hundred battles that Squalo has been in to show to Yamamoto in the future. Yamamoto becomes infatuated and becomes glued to the screen. What is Squalo trying to tell Yamamoto through the video?

Season:4 Episode:100 "Rushing Into The Last Night"
It is the night before Tsuna and his friends are to break into Merone Base, the Millefiore's hideout. Kyoko and the rest are preparing food to encourage the boys for their job the next day. Gokudera and Yamamoto have gotten results from their training and are prepared. But Tsuna runs around the hideout by himself panicking. He is looking for something. He lost the charm that Kyoko had given him! Meanwhile, future Ryohei and the others are having their final meeting before the showdown at Hibari's hideout. Kusakabe calculates their success rate using the Hyper Computer. The number he receives is unbelievable.

Season:4 Episode:101 "Night Raid"
Irie has finally given the order to infiltrate the Vongola hideout! Meanwhile, Tsuna and the others are helping to put away the food. Kyoko and the rest urge Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto to go to bed ahead of them. In the darkness, the Millefiore's troops are slowly increasing their numbers, and closing in on the Vongola hideout. Tsuna and the others are awoken by a strange sound that echoes throughout the hideout.


Season:5 Episode:102 "Operation Start"

Season:5 Episode:103 "The First Obstacle"

Season:5 Episode:104 "The Troublesome Magician"

Season:5 Episode:105 "Regret"

Season:5 Episode:106 "Student's Growth"

Season:5 Episode:107 "Desperate Situation"

Season:5 Episode:108 "A Man's Box Weapon"

Season:5 Episode:109 "Imprisonment"

Season:5 Episode:110 "The Merone Base's Secret"

Season:5 Episode:111 "The Enemy is Octopus Head"

Season:5 Episode:112 "Boomerang Trap"

Season:5 Episode:113 "Lightning, Return"

Season:5 Episode:114 "The Guardian of Storm, Stands Up"

Season:5 Episode:115 "Sistema C.A.I."

Season:5 Episode:116 "Difference of Resolution"

Season:5 Episode:117 "Counterattack of Storm"

Season:5 Episode:118 "The Princess' Decision"

Season:5 Episode:119 "Interstice of Fight"

Season:5 Episode:120 "Virtual Space"

Season:5 Episode:121 "Two Fights"

Season:5 Episode:122 "The Strongest Swordsman"

Season:5 Episode:123 "Lesson from Sword Emperor"

Season:5 Episode:124 "Blocked Fog"

Season:5 Episode:125 "Further Intruder"

Season:5 Episode:126 "Strongest VS Strongest"

Season:5 Episode:127 "Mystic Flower"

Season:5 Episode:128 "Here comes the Leader of the Disciplinary Committee"

Season:5 Episode:129 "Operation X"

Season:5 Episode:130 "Resolve and Irritation"

Season:5 Episode:131 "Rampage"

Season:5 Episode:132 "Final Block Of Defense"

Season:5 Episode:133 "A Game-changing Move"

Season:5 Episode:134 "Hell Knight"

Season:5 Episode:135 "Arrival!!"

Season:5 Episode:136 "Revealed Truth"

Season:5 Episode:137 "Main Battle in Italy"

Season:5 Episode:138 "Twin Princes"

Season:5 Episode:139 "Furious Roar"

Season:5 Episode:140 "Another Sky"


Season:6 Episode:141 "Reunion"

Season:6 Episode:142 "The Strongest Seven"

Season:6 Episode:143 "Trial #1"

Season:6 Episode:144 "The Arcobaleno Seals"

Season:6 Episode:145 "Guardian Showdown Cloud vs. Mist"

Season:6 Episode:146 "Box Weapon Prototype"

Season:6 Episode:147 "Catch the Wind"

Season:6 Episode:148 "Two Successors to the Sky"

Season:6 Episode:149 "Reborn's Trial"

Season:6 Episode:150 "Closed Path"

Season:6 Episode:151 "Once the Rainbow is Complete"

Season:6 Episode:152 "The Boss' Resolution"

Season:6 Episode:153 "The Final Seal"


Season:7 Episode:154 "To the Next Battle"

Season:7 Episode:155 "The Real 6 Funeral Wreaths"

Season:7 Episode:156 "Inspiring Allies"

Season:7 Episode:157 "Namimori Holiday"

Season:7 Episode:158 "A Warm Place"

Season:7 Episode:159 "For My Friends"

Season:7 Episode:160 "Gaining Mobility"

Season:7 Episode:161 "Airbike"

Season:7 Episode:162 "The Sky Vongola Box"

Season:7 Episode:163 "Terror! Turmoil on Base"

Season:7 Episode:164 "Vongola Box, Training Begins"

Season:7 Episode:165 "Boycott Declared"

Season:7 Episode:166 "With the Same Heart"

Season:7 Episode:167 "Day of the Battle"

Season:7 Episode:168 "Choice Begins"

Season:7 Episode:169 "Sky Lion Ver.V (Leone di Cielo Version Vongola)"

Season:7 Episode:170 "Fateful Showdown"

Season:7 Episode:171 "Revenge"

Season:7 Episode:172 "Kikyo's Assault"

Season:7 Episode:173 "Choice Ends"

Season:7 Episode:174 "Truth of the Future"

Season:7 Episode:175 "Yuni Comes"

Season:7 Episode:176 "Escape"

Season:7 Episode:177 "After the Battle"


Season:8 Episode:178 "The Primo Family Arrives!"

Season:8 Episode:179 "Inheritance Begins"

Season:8 Episode:180 "The Duty of the Guardian of Rain"

Season:8 Episode:181 "Furious Bolt of Lightning"

Season:8 Episode:182 "Silent Storm"

Season:8 Episode:183 "Aloof Cloud"

Season:8 Episode:184 "Sunny then Cloudy"

Season:8 Episode:185 "The Trap is Set"

Season:8 Episode:186 "Bewitching Mist"

Season:8 Episode:187 "Memories of Betrayal"

Season:8 Episode:188 "Primo's Will"

Season:8 Episode:189 "The Family's Resolve"

Season:8 Episode:190 "The Real 6 Funeral Wreaths Attack!"

Season:8 Episode:191 "Open Carnage Box"

Season:8 Episode:192 "Alaude's Handcuffs"

Season:8 Episode:193 "Daemon Spade's Devil Lens"

Season:8 Episode:194 "The Final Battle Begins"

Season:8 Episode:195 "G's Archery"

Season:8 Episode:196 "Lampo's Shield"

Season:8 Episode:197 "Knuckle's Maximum Break"

Season:8 Episode:198 "The Last Real Funeral Wreath"

Season:8 Episode:199 "Ghost Awakens"

Season:8 Episode:200 "Sky Full of Desire"

Season:8 Episode:201 "Precious Moments in Time"
Tsuna is almost crushed by Byakuran’s power. The two of them keep firing back at each other with increasingly bigger Deathperation Flames. Then, out of nowhere, Tsuna’s and Byakuran’s rings begin to resonate very loudly. Yuni is in hiding far away from them, but her pacifier starts to fire Deathperation Flames and make the same noise as well. Reborn thinks that the Sky elements are contacting one another. Yuni floats up into the air, and she is taken in the direction of Byakuran and Tsuna against her will. Yuni seems to be headed for danger. What is happening?!

Season:8 Episode:202 "Sea. Clam. Rainbow."
Byakuran is surprised at Vongola Primo’s unexpected visit. Apparently, his arrival could not be foreseen even with Byakuran’s access to parallel worlds. Yuni explains to Byakuran why Vongola Primo has come. The reason has something to do with the Sky elements of the 73 policy. Vongola Primo says that he is there to unleash them. He seems to be referring to the Vongola rings, but will this provide Tsuna the opportunity to power up?

Season:8 Episode:203 "To a New Future"
The long battle in the future finally comes to an end. However, the group has suffered some major losses. Tsuna begins to have doubts that this devastating battle was as important as he had thought. Just then, the Arcobaleno comes up with a way to bring everything back to normal with the information they received from Yuni’s flames. With this solution, Byakuran’s evil doings would be erased from the past. Not only that, the past in which people perished at the hands of Byakuran would be changed so that their lives would not be lost. A new past would be born, and it would lead to a brighter future.